Obituary of Lenka Hava

*06 December 1973 † 23 July 2009

For friends of Lea, which is her well-known nickname, it is hard to imagine that she really passed away, finally. I say finally, because it seems to me that she took a wide detour to her final destination – the other side.

Even when she was only 15 years old she revealed an ultimate yearning to the other side. She intended to pass through her life avoiding the upcoming ups and downs; unconsciously foreseen that it would be a difficult one.

After she decided to lighten her detour by quite effective means, she gave her life a dire direction. Without being noticed by her best friends she ran away from her genuine destination. She should have become a famous painter in New York, or a successful businesswoman in London, or a professor of arts in Italy.

She was clever, eloquent, handsome, witty, funny, cheeky and bold. With her benign commitment to her friends she was beloved, popular, always very welcomed, and even admired.

But then she faded away. The girl Lea became a strange person. Her friends weren’t able to follow her, nor to cope with her strange behaviour. It was impossible to convince her to a normal life. It was not easy to leave her with her own business, but she absolutely and urgently insisted on her own way of life – even when it meant that she had to live it without her former true friends.

So the detour began to become true. Now, after almost twenty years of aberration, she found her ultimate aim. She’s hopefully in heaven and heaven knows she had a good departure. Let’s hope so.

To say it with Mr Morrison’s lyrics: “Break on thru to the other side!” You made it, Lea!

Sorrowfully enough, she not only left her friends and family, but also a ten year old son. I really hope that he will be able to embrace his mother’s love and lead a life under almost normal circumstances.

For me, as her former best friend, I wish and hope that she’ll be released now. I am dreaming of a happy Lea, and I will always keep her in my thoughts. What happened in between doesn’t matter now, neither to me, nor to her.

Dear Lea, in your next life, please adhere to the advice of your good friends! We’ll always love you!